Technical Thinkers such as Technicians and Engineers

technical engineer technical thinkingEngineers and technicians are quintessential examples of the technical mind. Their professions depend on the highest form of technical reasoning, which is the ability to foresee, execute and troubleshoot technical processes smoothly and efficiently. They are high achieving, problem solving, linear thinking personalities who serve an important purpose in our society. They are also typically people who do not value emotional reasoning very highly and can be prone to boredom, rigidity and emotional dysfunction.

Technicians and engineers are high achieving. Because their thought patterns are so linear and non-circular, they are high functioning when it comes to productivity and can make short work of things that would take other people much longer. This efficiency and speed in task completion makes them a very valuable asset to the work force.

They are also natural problem solvers when it comes to matters that are technical. Even the smallest of technical functions and operations stand out to them in a way they do not stand out to people of other talents. They are intuitive with machinery and technology, and are able to manipulate it without much effort.

These talented individuals tend to have some quirks and some detriments that go along with their abilities. Probably the worst of these is their stunted emotional faculties. Because they are so linear thinking, they tend to view linear, technical reasoning as logical and emotional, circular reasoning as illogical, despite the fact that mental health experts and psychologists recognize the need for both faculties to be functioning in order to achieve true logic. Because of this, technicians and engineers, as well as other technical professionals, can become emotionally stunted and unavailable. They often become incapable of change, seeing their way of thinking as the only acceptable way.

Technical minds can also be prone to boredom. Because they are so often only willing to follow a linear train of thought, they can be somewhat limited in scope in other ways. Their boredom can also get them into trouble as they become highly experimental in order to entertain themselves.