Addiction is a mainstream concept that concerns everyone. Even though we are not all addicted, it is important we have a good idea on how it works because anyone can get addicted. Addiction has the capacity to affect anyone irrespective of who you are.

Now, people who are more susceptible to being addicted are those who have the technical mindset. They were probably not born this way but over time, they found an interest in the technical field and their brains had to adjust for this purpose.

Technicians and Engineers do not have much contact with their emotional side, they prefer connecting with logical and concrete concepts, particularly things that look mechanical to them. With this, you can infer that these set of people can easily be predictable and also stable. It also implies that when the need to be emotionally available arises, they will be absent.

When someone who is mechanically inclined becomes addicted, it is usually very difficult to break. One of the major reasons for this is, they are blind to the fact that they have psychological and emotional faculties. So, in reassessing them, they are going to find it very difficult.

Technicians and Engineers are intelligent sets of people but they are susceptible to being addicted. Some parts of their brain are well developed and other parts are stunted. So, since they are not all-rounded, there is a strong chance for them to become addicted irrespective of how logical they perceive their actions to be.

The emotional faculty of a technician and engineer is underdeveloped and this is the side that connects with the addiction tendency. They feel everything is under their control without realizing that they are caught up in their own mess.

Also, technically-minded individuals are vulnerable to having reduced production of dopamine. This signifies that the chemical produced in their brain is not enough to grant the pleasure needed. This is because their emotional faculties are underdeveloped compared to other aspects of their brain.


When a technician and engineer keeps tabs on his or her health, it is certain that they will not be addicted. One of the reasons why this set of people are addicted is because they pay little or no attention to their health. Technicians and Engineers would rather spend the bulk of their time on their work instead of taking out time to achieve health recuperation.

Technicians and Engineers are aware of the fact that once they have a clean bill of health, they will be able to work efficiently and their productivity would increase.

The first health tip that Technicians and Engineers need to put in place is exercise. No matter how busy you might be, it is essential that you take the act of exercising seriously. There are quite a lot of benefits you will get from exercising that would even prevent you from going to the hospital.

If you are technically-inclined and you want to prevent yourself from burning out, one of the best ways to help yourself is to exercise. When you are always physically active, it would be easy for you to proficiently manage stress. A good number of times, the body requests refreshing and one of the few ways to grant this request is to exercise.

It is also important for technically-inclined people to find time to sleep. Staying up during the night on a frequent basis is not a healthy move. There is a tendency for your body to react to this and when it does, you might not be able to work for a long period of time. So, in between work and even at night, it is important to catch some rest.

Also, it is necessary for Technicians and Engineers to eat healthily. The importance of eating a healthy meal cannot be understated. A healthy meal gives rise to a healthy lifestyle and coupled with other health practices like exercising, sleeping and the likes, the body would be in a good shape.

Addiction Counseling for Technicians and Engineers

technician engineer addiction treatmentIf you know a technician, engineer or another technically minded individual who is struggling with addiction, help is available, but you should consider carefully where to turn. It is common for rehab programs and addiction counselors to specialize in certain types of clients, for example, doctors, lawyers, CEOs or actors. Believe it or not, there are treatment programs that specialize in people with technically minded professions. This exists because people from common backgrounds tend to approach problem solving in similar ways. Technically minded people approach addiction recovery in different ways than people of other vocations and backgrounds. Therefore, it is beneficial to technically minded people and addiction treatment professionals to offer recovery programs geared toward the way they think.

The psychological treatment that takes place in a rehabilitation center is the most effective part of the treatment. There is an initial detoxification period for those who were abusing a substance, and this is essential to the person’s health, but the psychological treatment will leave the most lasting impression. This is the portion that is best when tailored to specific mindsets. Technically minded people can be more resistant to addiction treatment than others because they are used to thinking of themselves as having everything under control. They do not entertain their emotional faculties much and are therefore not used to thinking about their behavior or their thought patterns. This can make for a tough case to crack, but with specialists, counselors and facilitators who are familiar with the workings of the technical mind, the likelihood of success is increased.

Moving from addiction into recovery is challenging for anyone, and everyone needs support while going through it. Technically minded people are not used to being vulnerable and influenced by outside forces, and for this reason, in some ways they need even sturdier support than the average person. There is addiction treatment for technically minded individuals available through out North America. Engineers and technicians can find services in locations that have a strong work force in their field, such as Texas rehab centers and Fort McMurray addiction treatment. If you or someone you care about is a technical professional who is battling addiction, seek the type of treatment that will work with who you are as a person.

Why Addiction Strikes Technicians and Engineers

technician engineer addictedAddiction is universal, striking every demographic on the planet equally. There are certain types of people in certain vocations who would seem to be more prone to addiction than others. One of these groups of people is technical thinkers, such as technicians and engineers. There have been studies and inquiries into why this personality profile may be more prone to addiction than others, even if just slightly. The consensus is that there are certain tenants of a technically mind that lead to addiction, such as:

  • The extreme intellect of a technical mind looks for ways to relieve boredom. Because a technically minded person, such as a technician or engineer, makes short work of any linear task or problem solving, they often run into situations where they are bored and seeking mental stimulation. This can lead to experimenting with addictive substances and behaviors that even an intelligent person can find themselves craving uncontrollably.
  • Technically minded people are intelligent but still vulnerable. Certain parts of their brain are highly developed, but typically, other parts are undeveloped and somewhat “wet behind the ears,” which makes them susceptible to addiction despite their frequent perception of themselves as infallibly logical.
  • ¬†It is very common for a technically minded person to be a bit stunted when it comes to emotional reasoning. Their technical brain is overdeveloped and their emotional faculties are undeveloped. This can be problematic for a technically minded person who is addicted, because they do not navigate changes to their thinking or their behavior well. They are used to having everything under control, and are unequipped to deal with being out of control.
  • Technically minded people are prone to having inhibited dopamine production, meaning the chemical in their brain that indicates pleasure is produced in short supply. This may simply be due to how overdeveloped their unemotional faculties are. This often means that when they encounter something that gives them immense pleasure, such as an addictive substance or activity, they overuse it to a fault and become addicted.

Technical Thinkers such as Technicians and Engineers

technical engineer technical thinkingEngineers and technicians are quintessential examples of the technical mind. Their professions depend on the highest form of technical reasoning, which is the ability to foresee, execute and troubleshoot technical processes smoothly and efficiently. They are high achieving, problem solving, linear thinking personalities who serve an important purpose in our society. They are also typically people who do not value emotional reasoning very highly and can be prone to boredom, rigidity and emotional dysfunction.

Technicians and engineers are high achieving. Because their thought patterns are so linear and non-circular, they are high functioning when it comes to productivity and can make short work of things that would take other people much longer. This efficiency and speed in task completion makes them a very valuable asset to the work force.

They are also natural problem solvers when it comes to matters that are technical. Even the smallest of technical functions and operations stand out to them in a way they do not stand out to people of other talents. They are intuitive with machinery and technology, and are able to manipulate it without much effort.

These talented individuals tend to have some quirks and some detriments that go along with their abilities. Probably the worst of these is their stunted emotional faculties. Because they are so linear thinking, they tend to view linear, technical reasoning as logical and emotional, circular reasoning as illogical, despite the fact that mental health experts and psychologists recognize the need for both faculties to be functioning in order to achieve true logic. Because of this, technicians and engineers, as well as other technical professionals, can become emotionally stunted and unavailable. They often become incapable of change, seeing their way of thinking as the only acceptable way.

Technical minds can also be prone to boredom. Because they are so often only willing to follow a linear train of thought, they can be somewhat limited in scope in other ways. Their boredom can also get them into trouble as they become highly experimental in order to entertain themselves.

Addiction and the Technical Brain

technical brain and addictionNew light is being shed on addiction constantly, and all new information is pointing in a similar direction. Where society used to label addicts as incapable people, studies are now showing that addicts tend to be very high functioning people who have wrongfully channeled their energy and focus into a harmful behavior or substance. There is no demographic of society that is free of addiction. It literally strikes every group, denomination, class and socio-economic bracket. One group in particular that is hit hard by addiction are those in technical professions or vocations, such as technicians and engineers. This type of linear thinking individual is susceptible to addiction for a number of reasons.

The commonality between different cases of addiction in high functioning people is that their brains have been found to not produce as much dopamine as the rest of our brains. Dopamine is the neurological chemical produced by pleasure. It has been found that high achievers, thrill seekers and addicts alike have this quality in common. They live in a more extreme way than the rest of us because they have to do more to achieve the rewarding chemical dopamine. Because strong technical minds fit into this category, they are easy candidates for addiction. In some ways, they are more susceptible to addiction because of how left-brained and linear they are. It is not uncommon for a professional such as a technician or engineer to have all of their high-functioning capabilities compartmentalized into their technical skills, leaving their personal lives largely unexamined. When someone does not think cognitively or critically about their emotional life, addiction may have a stronger foothold.

These are all generalizations, but have statistically been found to be true. Technically minded individuals can be prone to serious addiction denial and can require professional assistance in separating themselves from it. The old adage about an engineer never being wrong applies to addiction as well. Technically minded people can be very stubborn in their addiction. If you have a technically minded person in your life who is in denial about their addiction, do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional interventionist or addiction treatment center.